Maricopa County Sheriff's Memorial Fund


We now fast forward to the present, with by-laws and articles of incorporation established. Since those humble beginnings, we have expanded the scope of The Memorial Fund to assist the families of injured and Fallen Officers and Border Patrol throughout the state of Arizona, The MCSO Community Outreach Posse assists with the fund and stands ready to meet other needs of the families as determined by the Membership and Executive Boards. We are always working toward helping and supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect ours..

There were a number of local key businessmen that were chosen such as Ben Brooks and Leroy Schneider to assist in its orchestration and growth. Under their leadership, we have been able to increase The Memorial Fund membership far beyond the original goal which in turn has impacted funds available to the families and continues to grow.

Lt. Kleinheinz stated that once the paychecks for any Fallen Officer stopped, it took anywhere from 60 to 90 days of time prior to the issuance of any life insurance to kick in, leaving the family to fend on their own. As many of us are surely aware, most of our officers lost in these situations are young deputies with young families living paycheck to paycheck and as a result do not have the means to bridge this financial gap. Something had to be done.

what you should know

about the fund

The Memorial Fund was founded by the formation of The MCSO Community Outreach Posse 

The Memorial Fund started as a heartfelt idea from Lt. John Kleinheinz in 1998. He summarized how this idea came about in a very poignant speech on the rise of The MCSO Community Outreach Posse and Memorial Fund. For those who missed it, we have done our best to summarize what was so eloquently presented.

We give our heroes heartfelt Thanks!

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100% of all The Memorial Fund monies are and will be utilized for the benefit of the families of injured and Fallen Officers only. Any and all overhead and direct expenses are taken care of by donations from The MCSO Community Outreach Posse membership into a separate account to assure 100% of The Memorial Fund monies are and will be utilized for the benefit of the families of injured and Fallen Officers.